Thursday, 28 July 2011

Zazzle TBAs 26/07/2011

Here's a very stylish ring binder with a metallic embossed-look paisley design

A vintage style greetings card for cat lovers. Here's the artist's description:1930s cat lady pulp fiction art greeting card
Pretty 1930s woman with her pet black cat, This card is great for all occasions because its blank inside.

A cool DVD keychain

A beautiful smokey amethyst abstract iPhone case

Love this groovy psychedelic donkey poster

A great frog design t-shirt. Here's the artist's description: Tribal Tree Frog Design
A symmetrical tribal tree frog design with intricate swirls and dot patterns

iPhone case with a striking skull design

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Zazzle TBA 16/07/2011

This is one of mine:
Mirror Tiles Purple iPad case horizontal
Customize It!
iPad case with a modern design inspired by glittering mosaic mirror tiles in shades of purple. Can be used as a background for your own text, images and ideas. Created using digital techniques by Jess Perry.

Zazzle TBAs 15/07/2011

Add some sparkle with this fun stars card

This cute button badge is sure to make the even grumpiest koala smile!

A beautiful light design, here's the artist's description:
If you need a little bit of freshness for your soul

A stylish pink floral print iPhone case

This elegant iPad case can be personalised, here's the artist's description:
Put your initial in the center
A striking and elegant kaleidoscope design in black and blue with a pattern that resembles fancy crosses printed on a cool custom ipad case. You can add your monogram in the center if desired.

A cool gift for biking fans, here's the artist's description:
Funny Biker Gift
Biking Gift makes a great gift idea for a biker. You can use the design tool to personalize with a custom name too. Find a great life is t shirt to give as a gift.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Cute Ladybird iphone 4 Case

Girl Break Dancer Silhouette Postcard

Here's the artist's description:
Funky Girl Break Dancer Silhouette Postcard

Cute Cow Party Invite

Zazzle TBAs 06/07/2011

Comrades of Steel T-shirt
This is a great retro design, here's the artist's description:
Retro-futurist Soviet propaganda featuring giant communist robots

Comrades of Steel - T-Shirt 1B shirt
Comrades of Steel - T-Shirt 1B by ZMallett

Sun Mask (red) iPad Case
A beautiful swirling mask design iPad case, here's the artist's description:
A red sun design with flowing swirls and intricate dot patterns. A face sits in the center of the star with its teeth showing and tongue out

A Check in My Mailbox - ipad hardshell
A very cool digital art collage abstract design iPad case

Leaping Guinea-pig ...Black and White Keychain
A cute keychain for guinea pig fans.