Sunday, 18 September 2011

Zazzle TBA 18/09/2011

A classy and creepy invitation for Halloween. Here's the artist's description:
Classy Adult Halloween Party
Start your Halloween party off right with our Creepy Cocktail Glass Halloween party Invitation set on a jet black background.

Zazzle TBA 17/09/2011

I creaed a new 2012 version of my Zodiac calendar and received a Today's Best Award. Thanks Zazzle!

2012 Calendar featuring beautiful coloured pencil and ink drawings of the signs of the zodiac. JANUARY - Aquarius, the water-carrier, pours out stars and water from a jug . Air sign, January 21 - February 19. FEBRUARY - Pisces, the fish, swimming in a star-filled river. Water sign, February 20 - March 20. MARCH - Aries, the ram, stands against a night sky filled with golden stars. Fire sign, March 21 - April 20. APRIL - Taurus, the bull, stands against a sky filled with shining stars. Earth sign, April 21 - May 21. MAY - Gemini, the twins, gazing at the star-filled heavens.Air sign, May 22 - June 21. JUNE - Cancer, the crab, walks on a beach covered with stars. Water sign, June 22 - July 23. JULY - Leo, the lion, catches falling stars. Fire sign, July 24 - August 23. AUGUST - Virgo, the virgin, picks star-shaped fruit from the trees. Earth sign, August 24 - September 23. SEPTEMBER - Libra, the scales, balances bowls filled with stars and clouds. Air sign, September 24 - October23. OCTOBER - Scorpio, the scorpion, is surrounded by shining stars. Water sign, October 24 - November 22. NOVEMBER - Sagittarius, the archer, stands against a sky filled with shining stars. Fire sign, November 23 - December 21. DECEMBER - Capricorn, the goat, grazes in a star-covered meadow. Earth sign, December 22 - January 20. Please note that the dates can vary from year to year. Original drawings by Jess Perry

Thursday, 4 August 2011

TBA 03/08/2011

This is one of mine:
A gold and orange sun sets and the wind blows red and pink clouds across the sky. Coaster with a gold, orange, red, pink and white customizable design for you to personalise with your own background colour text, images and ideas. An original coloured pencil and metallic ink drawing by Jess Perry.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Zazzle TBAs 26/07/2011

Here's a very stylish ring binder with a metallic embossed-look paisley design

A vintage style greetings card for cat lovers. Here's the artist's description:1930s cat lady pulp fiction art greeting card
Pretty 1930s woman with her pet black cat, This card is great for all occasions because its blank inside.

A cool DVD keychain

A beautiful smokey amethyst abstract iPhone case

Love this groovy psychedelic donkey poster

A great frog design t-shirt. Here's the artist's description: Tribal Tree Frog Design
A symmetrical tribal tree frog design with intricate swirls and dot patterns

iPhone case with a striking skull design

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Zazzle TBA 16/07/2011

This is one of mine:
Mirror Tiles Purple iPad case horizontal
Customize It!
iPad case with a modern design inspired by glittering mosaic mirror tiles in shades of purple. Can be used as a background for your own text, images and ideas. Created using digital techniques by Jess Perry.

Zazzle TBAs 15/07/2011

Add some sparkle with this fun stars card

This cute button badge is sure to make the even grumpiest koala smile!

A beautiful light design, here's the artist's description:
If you need a little bit of freshness for your soul

A stylish pink floral print iPhone case

This elegant iPad case can be personalised, here's the artist's description:
Put your initial in the center
A striking and elegant kaleidoscope design in black and blue with a pattern that resembles fancy crosses printed on a cool custom ipad case. You can add your monogram in the center if desired.

A cool gift for biking fans, here's the artist's description:
Funny Biker Gift
Biking Gift makes a great gift idea for a biker. You can use the design tool to personalize with a custom name too. Find a great life is t shirt to give as a gift.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Cute Ladybird iphone 4 Case

Girl Break Dancer Silhouette Postcard

Here's the artist's description:
Funky Girl Break Dancer Silhouette Postcard

Cute Cow Party Invite

Zazzle TBAs 06/07/2011

Comrades of Steel T-shirt
This is a great retro design, here's the artist's description:
Retro-futurist Soviet propaganda featuring giant communist robots

Comrades of Steel - T-Shirt 1B shirt
Comrades of Steel - T-Shirt 1B by ZMallett

Sun Mask (red) iPad Case
A beautiful swirling mask design iPad case, here's the artist's description:
A red sun design with flowing swirls and intricate dot patterns. A face sits in the center of the star with its teeth showing and tongue out

A Check in My Mailbox - ipad hardshell
A very cool digital art collage abstract design iPad case

Leaping Guinea-pig ...Black and White Keychain
A cute keychain for guinea pig fans.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Zazzle TBAs 16/06/11

Striking Dragon t-shirt design by Zeroend. Here's the artist's description:
Anger burns inside you like the fury of an ancient dragon!

Colourful and stylish Liberty Fireworks t-shirt by tshirtjournal

This is such a pretty business card. Here's the artist's description:
'I have a great variety of Handmade / Fashion / Seamstress / Crafter / Cooking ... and general Enclosure Cards, because I love creating them (and have been doing so on Zazzle for a few years now). I first had the idea to do these on business cards as presents for my friends. Now, I have more ideas than time for them ! Any of these can be customized as business cards as can Business Cards be customized as Gift Cards / Tags, etc.... : ) That's the fun of Zazzle. Pick your paper stock. Do read about them all. I use indestructible on mine. Have fun, and please return often (and do via my link to help my art students please:*). Thank You, Sharon Rhea Ford, NBCT-Art'

Beautiful Floral Blossoms poster by prisarts

Very stylish Old Postacrds iPad case by Deznr07

Love this colourful and quirky button by caferetro

TBA 15/06/11

This is one of mine:
Modern, stylised design inspired by speakers and sound waves. Bright red sound waves move across concentric circles in grey, black and red. Skateboard with a customizable design for you to personalise with your own text, pictures and ideas. Original artwork created using digital techniques by Jess Perry.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Gold Pocket Watch Keychain

This keychain is absolutely gorgeous. Here's the artist's description:
Original Photography
Carry a gold watch on you key ring with this realistic close-up photo of an antique ladies' pendant watch in shades of pink, green, and yellow gold with diamond accents reflecting the light.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

TBA 08/06/11 Cute punk goth fanged skull hot pink and black

A cute bag for goth and vampire fans. Here's the artists description:
Adorable tote bag with a fanged vampire skull in a hot pink and black damask on it.

Hot Chili Peppers Iphone 4 Skins

Hot Stuff!!! A lovely, bright design. Here's the arist's description:
Hot Chili Peppers
A pile of just picked fiery red hot chili peppers are spread across this iPhone case, ready for drying, pickling or good cooking!

Prayer Plant Leaf iPhone 3 / 3G Speck Case

Beautiful pattern on this leaf, and the raindrops look great. Here's the artist's description:
Original Photography
Show your love of green things or gardening with this close-up photo of rain drops on the intricate leaf of a Prayer Plant. Vivid color.

Love is in the air postcard

Lovely simple design. Here's the artist's description:
Minimalist graphic design of a couple facing each other

Zazzle TBA 04/06/2011

Here's one of mine:
Groovy baby! A yellow and orange striped cat with swirling whiskers and a psychedelic rainbow patterned background. Speaker with a yellow, orange, red, blue, green, pink, purple, and white customizable design for you to personalise with your own text, images and ideas. An original digitally enhanced coloured pencil drawing by Jess Perry

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Yummy! Case For The Ipad

Definately good enough to eat. The pattern works so well. Here's the artist's description -
Delicious chocolate feather rake!

Teeth I-Phone Case For The Iphone 4

I just had to include this very cool iPhone case. Here's the artist's description -
Teeth I-Phone
Take a bite out of every life every time you use your phone

Green frog on yellow background watercolour poster

The bright colours of this poster are gorgeous and I really like the simple composition. Here's the artist's description -
Original frog watercolor painting!
A cute green frog on a yellow background original watercolour painting design. This was an actual frog, the yellow was the paint tray of a ladder! It was a cold morning so Mr. Tree Frog had found a warm spot up against the house. Cute design for any frog fans!

Red Rabbit Magic card

This is such a sweet little rabbit card and I love the artist' s simple style and colour scheme. Here's the artist's description -
Folk Art by CL Monro
Red Rabbit folk art greeting card is a glowing red rabbit under a starry sky with pine trees on the horizon.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Zazzle TBAs 08/05/2011

This colourful greetings card features stylised redwood trees and twisting blue flowers and leaves. The design is continued inside which adds that extra special touch.

Here's a beautiful iPad case with an elegant damask design in rich blue and black.

I love the expression on this cat's face! Here's the artist's description -
Chinese Paper Cat 1 by Kewzoo. An original, mixed media, cat drawing created using collage, drawing and painting techniques. A great necklace for cat lovers.

Another cat, but I had to include it because I think the style of this design is wonderful, and it's a situation that I'm sure many cat owners can relate to, myself included! Here's the artist'a description -
Pinkly Cat and the Missing Goldfish Stickers
A broken fish tank, no goldfish to be seen, and Pinkly nonchalantly grooming himself. Hmmmm.

I really like the design and colour scheme of this sticker. Here's the artist's description -
Stylish Coffee Sticker
Stylish Original Customizable Coffee Sticker Design. You may change, delete or add text, change text fonts, size and colors.

A fun, elegant design with a retro feel. Here's the artists description -
Black Poodle Cherries n Champagne
Fun design with a poodle in a champagne glass with lots of cherries floating around and an ornate frame.

I like this eye-catcing retro hotel/motel t-shirt design. Here's the artist's description -
"No Tell Motel"
Funny design with a bit of innuendo

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Movie Clapper Board Custom Invitation

I think this is a great idea. Here's the designer's description -
'Customize Me! All occasion invitation!
Bring a little movie magic to your next event! Whether you're hosting a birthday party, a movie night or simply rolling out the red carpet for some other bash, this fun invitation is sure to get compliments. Based on the iconic visual of a movie clapper board, used in the industry to begin takes for movie scenes, the invitation has the distinctive white and black arrow design at the top and chalkboard-like fields that have been updated for use as an invitation. All fields are customizeable so you can choose what your invite greeting is (be sure it fits!), the event, the location its being hosted at, the date, time and a brief RSVP Info summary. On the back, is a section to add specific event location address information, and two optional fields to be used for whatever you'd like. In this example they have been used to showcase what movie will be played and what food is being provided along with direction availability.'

Little Pink Cat Love Poster

I am a cat fan so they'll be cropping up quite often in this blog. This is such a sweet cartoon. Here's the artist's description - Delightful Design for the Young at Heart. This little pink cat needs a loving home, and there's no better place to put him than on your wall! This pretty poster is designed with a sweet illustration of a cute cat surrounded by red and yellow hearts. Fully customisable text allows you to create a unique message for your own special someone!