Sunday, 18 September 2011

Zazzle TBA 18/09/2011

A classy and creepy invitation for Halloween. Here's the artist's description:
Classy Adult Halloween Party
Start your Halloween party off right with our Creepy Cocktail Glass Halloween party Invitation set on a jet black background.

Zazzle TBA 17/09/2011

I creaed a new 2012 version of my Zodiac calendar and received a Today's Best Award. Thanks Zazzle!

2012 Calendar featuring beautiful coloured pencil and ink drawings of the signs of the zodiac. JANUARY - Aquarius, the water-carrier, pours out stars and water from a jug . Air sign, January 21 - February 19. FEBRUARY - Pisces, the fish, swimming in a star-filled river. Water sign, February 20 - March 20. MARCH - Aries, the ram, stands against a night sky filled with golden stars. Fire sign, March 21 - April 20. APRIL - Taurus, the bull, stands against a sky filled with shining stars. Earth sign, April 21 - May 21. MAY - Gemini, the twins, gazing at the star-filled heavens.Air sign, May 22 - June 21. JUNE - Cancer, the crab, walks on a beach covered with stars. Water sign, June 22 - July 23. JULY - Leo, the lion, catches falling stars. Fire sign, July 24 - August 23. AUGUST - Virgo, the virgin, picks star-shaped fruit from the trees. Earth sign, August 24 - September 23. SEPTEMBER - Libra, the scales, balances bowls filled with stars and clouds. Air sign, September 24 - October23. OCTOBER - Scorpio, the scorpion, is surrounded by shining stars. Water sign, October 24 - November 22. NOVEMBER - Sagittarius, the archer, stands against a sky filled with shining stars. Fire sign, November 23 - December 21. DECEMBER - Capricorn, the goat, grazes in a star-covered meadow. Earth sign, December 22 - January 20. Please note that the dates can vary from year to year. Original drawings by Jess Perry

Thursday, 4 August 2011

TBA 03/08/2011

This is one of mine:
A gold and orange sun sets and the wind blows red and pink clouds across the sky. Coaster with a gold, orange, red, pink and white customizable design for you to personalise with your own background colour text, images and ideas. An original coloured pencil and metallic ink drawing by Jess Perry.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Zazzle TBAs 26/07/2011

Here's a very stylish ring binder with a metallic embossed-look paisley design

A vintage style greetings card for cat lovers. Here's the artist's description:1930s cat lady pulp fiction art greeting card
Pretty 1930s woman with her pet black cat, This card is great for all occasions because its blank inside.

A cool DVD keychain

A beautiful smokey amethyst abstract iPhone case

Love this groovy psychedelic donkey poster

A great frog design t-shirt. Here's the artist's description: Tribal Tree Frog Design
A symmetrical tribal tree frog design with intricate swirls and dot patterns

iPhone case with a striking skull design

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Zazzle TBA 16/07/2011

This is one of mine:
Mirror Tiles Purple iPad case horizontal
Customize It!
iPad case with a modern design inspired by glittering mosaic mirror tiles in shades of purple. Can be used as a background for your own text, images and ideas. Created using digital techniques by Jess Perry.

Zazzle TBAs 15/07/2011

Add some sparkle with this fun stars card

This cute button badge is sure to make the even grumpiest koala smile!

A beautiful light design, here's the artist's description:
If you need a little bit of freshness for your soul

A stylish pink floral print iPhone case

This elegant iPad case can be personalised, here's the artist's description:
Put your initial in the center
A striking and elegant kaleidoscope design in black and blue with a pattern that resembles fancy crosses printed on a cool custom ipad case. You can add your monogram in the center if desired.

A cool gift for biking fans, here's the artist's description:
Funny Biker Gift
Biking Gift makes a great gift idea for a biker. You can use the design tool to personalize with a custom name too. Find a great life is t shirt to give as a gift.