Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Yummy! Case For The Ipad

Definately good enough to eat. The pattern works so well. Here's the artist's description -
Delicious chocolate feather rake!

Teeth I-Phone Case For The Iphone 4

I just had to include this very cool iPhone case. Here's the artist's description -
Teeth I-Phone
Take a bite out of every life every time you use your phone

Green frog on yellow background watercolour poster

The bright colours of this poster are gorgeous and I really like the simple composition. Here's the artist's description -
Original frog watercolor painting!
A cute green frog on a yellow background original watercolour painting design. This was an actual frog, the yellow was the paint tray of a ladder! It was a cold morning so Mr. Tree Frog had found a warm spot up against the house. Cute design for any frog fans!

Red Rabbit Magic card

This is such a sweet little rabbit card and I love the artist' s simple style and colour scheme. Here's the artist's description -
Folk Art by CL Monro
Red Rabbit folk art greeting card is a glowing red rabbit under a starry sky with pine trees on the horizon.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Zazzle TBAs 08/05/2011

This colourful greetings card features stylised redwood trees and twisting blue flowers and leaves. The design is continued inside which adds that extra special touch.

Here's a beautiful iPad case with an elegant damask design in rich blue and black.

I love the expression on this cat's face! Here's the artist's description -
Chinese Paper Cat 1 by Kewzoo. An original, mixed media, cat drawing created using collage, drawing and painting techniques. A great necklace for cat lovers.

Another cat, but I had to include it because I think the style of this design is wonderful, and it's a situation that I'm sure many cat owners can relate to, myself included! Here's the artist'a description -
Pinkly Cat and the Missing Goldfish Stickers
A broken fish tank, no goldfish to be seen, and Pinkly nonchalantly grooming himself. Hmmmm.

I really like the design and colour scheme of this sticker. Here's the artist's description -
Stylish Coffee Sticker
Stylish Original Customizable Coffee Sticker Design. You may change, delete or add text, change text fonts, size and colors.

A fun, elegant design with a retro feel. Here's the artists description -
Black Poodle Cherries n Champagne
Fun design with a poodle in a champagne glass with lots of cherries floating around and an ornate frame.

I like this eye-catcing retro hotel/motel t-shirt design. Here's the artist's description -
"No Tell Motel"
Funny design with a bit of innuendo

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Movie Clapper Board Custom Invitation

I think this is a great idea. Here's the designer's description -
'Customize Me! All occasion invitation!
Bring a little movie magic to your next event! Whether you're hosting a birthday party, a movie night or simply rolling out the red carpet for some other bash, this fun invitation is sure to get compliments. Based on the iconic visual of a movie clapper board, used in the industry to begin takes for movie scenes, the invitation has the distinctive white and black arrow design at the top and chalkboard-like fields that have been updated for use as an invitation. All fields are customizeable so you can choose what your invite greeting is (be sure it fits!), the event, the location its being hosted at, the date, time and a brief RSVP Info summary. On the back, is a section to add specific event location address information, and two optional fields to be used for whatever you'd like. In this example they have been used to showcase what movie will be played and what food is being provided along with direction availability.'

Little Pink Cat Love Poster

I am a cat fan so they'll be cropping up quite often in this blog. This is such a sweet cartoon. Here's the artist's description - Delightful Design for the Young at Heart. This little pink cat needs a loving home, and there's no better place to put him than on your wall! This pretty poster is designed with a sweet illustration of a cute cat surrounded by red and yellow hearts. Fully customisable text allows you to create a unique message for your own special someone!

Pebbles on the beach

I love the wonderful shapes and soft natural colours in this photograph. Here's the artist's description - 'Photograph of sunlit stones. This photograph was taken at the beach, and shows a pretty patterned pebble sitting on top of a larger flat stone. They are bathed in bright sunlight, which gives the photo strong contrasts and a warm hue.'

Zazzle TBAs 06/05/2011

I love a bit of sparkle so this beautiful glittery Iris sticker caught my eye

Here's a very cool t-shirt with a sharp design

A simple and fresh 'save the date' design which can be customized for any beach-themed event