Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Zazzle TBAs 08/05/2011

This colourful greetings card features stylised redwood trees and twisting blue flowers and leaves. The design is continued inside which adds that extra special touch.

Here's a beautiful iPad case with an elegant damask design in rich blue and black.

I love the expression on this cat's face! Here's the artist's description -
Chinese Paper Cat 1 by Kewzoo. An original, mixed media, cat drawing created using collage, drawing and painting techniques. A great necklace for cat lovers.

Another cat, but I had to include it because I think the style of this design is wonderful, and it's a situation that I'm sure many cat owners can relate to, myself included! Here's the artist'a description -
Pinkly Cat and the Missing Goldfish Stickers
A broken fish tank, no goldfish to be seen, and Pinkly nonchalantly grooming himself. Hmmmm.

I really like the design and colour scheme of this sticker. Here's the artist's description -
Stylish Coffee Sticker
Stylish Original Customizable Coffee Sticker Design. You may change, delete or add text, change text fonts, size and colors.

A fun, elegant design with a retro feel. Here's the artists description -
Black Poodle Cherries n Champagne
Fun design with a poodle in a champagne glass with lots of cherries floating around and an ornate frame.

I like this eye-catcing retro hotel/motel t-shirt design. Here's the artist's description -
"No Tell Motel"
Funny design with a bit of innuendo

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  1. Thanks so much for including my "Pinkly Cat and the Missing Goldfish" sticker. I really appreciate it! Cheers, Marian