Sunday, 8 May 2011

Movie Clapper Board Custom Invitation

I think this is a great idea. Here's the designer's description -
'Customize Me! All occasion invitation!
Bring a little movie magic to your next event! Whether you're hosting a birthday party, a movie night or simply rolling out the red carpet for some other bash, this fun invitation is sure to get compliments. Based on the iconic visual of a movie clapper board, used in the industry to begin takes for movie scenes, the invitation has the distinctive white and black arrow design at the top and chalkboard-like fields that have been updated for use as an invitation. All fields are customizeable so you can choose what your invite greeting is (be sure it fits!), the event, the location its being hosted at, the date, time and a brief RSVP Info summary. On the back, is a section to add specific event location address information, and two optional fields to be used for whatever you'd like. In this example they have been used to showcase what movie will be played and what food is being provided along with direction availability.'

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