Sunday, 18 September 2011

Zazzle TBA 17/09/2011

I creaed a new 2012 version of my Zodiac calendar and received a Today's Best Award. Thanks Zazzle!

2012 Calendar featuring beautiful coloured pencil and ink drawings of the signs of the zodiac. JANUARY - Aquarius, the water-carrier, pours out stars and water from a jug . Air sign, January 21 - February 19. FEBRUARY - Pisces, the fish, swimming in a star-filled river. Water sign, February 20 - March 20. MARCH - Aries, the ram, stands against a night sky filled with golden stars. Fire sign, March 21 - April 20. APRIL - Taurus, the bull, stands against a sky filled with shining stars. Earth sign, April 21 - May 21. MAY - Gemini, the twins, gazing at the star-filled heavens.Air sign, May 22 - June 21. JUNE - Cancer, the crab, walks on a beach covered with stars. Water sign, June 22 - July 23. JULY - Leo, the lion, catches falling stars. Fire sign, July 24 - August 23. AUGUST - Virgo, the virgin, picks star-shaped fruit from the trees. Earth sign, August 24 - September 23. SEPTEMBER - Libra, the scales, balances bowls filled with stars and clouds. Air sign, September 24 - October23. OCTOBER - Scorpio, the scorpion, is surrounded by shining stars. Water sign, October 24 - November 22. NOVEMBER - Sagittarius, the archer, stands against a sky filled with shining stars. Fire sign, November 23 - December 21. DECEMBER - Capricorn, the goat, grazes in a star-covered meadow. Earth sign, December 22 - January 20. Please note that the dates can vary from year to year. Original drawings by Jess Perry

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